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Workshop 4a
Towards & Greener Europe with Full Fibre

Organised by Huawei and FTTH Council Europe

The green and digital transitions will hold the key to Europe's future prosperity and resilience. The EU’s digital strategy will use technology to help Europe become climate-neutral by 2050 and reduce the digital sector’s carbon emissions. In order to achieve those ambitious goals, our society needs digital infrastructure based on full fibre networks.

Full fibre is the best technology for broadband connectivity. Users can enjoy the fastest and most reliable connection, symmetrical download and upload speeds and it'll handle all of their data needs for decades to come. More importantly, full fibre will allow to minimize the environmental impact as a result of lower energy consumption in line with EU’s Green Deal priorities.

  • 09:30-11:00
    Sustainability & Energy Efficient Networks
    Sustainability & Energy Efficient Networks

    2 December 2020 09:30-11:00 Session

    Introduction and opening comments by Dr. Hui Cao, Head of EU Policy and Strategy, Huawei Technologies. 

    We welcome Benedict Gromann, Breko to discuss "Fibre networks and digital technologies for sustainable development in Germany and Europe". 

    Followed by Tom Bambury, Fujikura, presenting a summary of findings from a paper published by the Fiber Broadband Association in June 2020. The paper compares OpEx of FTTH networks with both HFC networks and DSL networks in North America and concludes that FTTH networks provide an opportunity to significantly reduce OpEx. Energy consumption is a key element of network OpEx and FTTH is found to enables significant reduction of same

    Rounding off our session we bring you Sebastian Helleberg, Fachhochschule Südwestfalen, to discuss how energy efficiency is a key challenge for telecommunication networks, notably with a view to deploying efficient and effective 5G infrastructure which will need to cope with increasing requests for network use and energy consumption. A study commissioned by Europacable Member Company Prysmian Group  clearly shows the superior power efficiency of fibre-based networks. The study results are presented by the Fachhochschule Südwestfalen (University of Applied Sciences) who conducted the survey and shows the technological impact of the different access technologies on the actual infrastructure and the derived power consumption.

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