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Workshop 1c
Best Practice in European Advertising for FTTH products

Organised by FTTH Council Europe P&R Committee, OpenFiber, SIRO and City Fibre

The Policy and Regulation Committee within the FTTH Council Europe engaged a study partner (WIK) through a competitive tender to create a synopsis of Best Practice in European Advertising for FTTH products. Advertising in European markets is regulated by National Advertising Bodies (NABs) but NABs are not responsible for telecom policy and are not motivated to promote industrial or telecom policy. National regulators and other national bodies on the other hand are responsible for policy in this sector and those bodies may be better placed to identify and address these issues. 

The workshop will help the Council to present the outcomes of the study into this problem and in particular to present those options deployed by European Member States to prevent fibre demand suppression through misleading advertising and identify the most effective measures. 

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