Yuriy Kurmaz

Chief Executive Officer | UKRTELECOM JSC |

Yuriy Kurmaz holds the position of Chief Executive Officer of Ukrtelecom JSC since February of 2014. Yuriy is a manager with 25 years of experience in Telecom. Under his leadership, with a team of professional CXOs (Chief Experience Officers), the following milestones were achieved: - global company transformation in order to improve operational efficiency; - 30% + B2B market share which is the largest telecom share in the Ukrainian B2B segment; - 3700+ localities covered by Internet services - 300 + network modernization projects; - 80 + thousand kilometers of optical lines throughout Ukraine; - 7,2 p.p rise of EBITDA margin from 19,6% in 2014 to 26,8% in average in 2015 - 2021; Since the start of full-scale invasion Company continues its operations uninterrupted due to its operational agility and provides communication services to both military, infrastructure facilities and civilians. During 2022 services damaged by hostilities were restored in 1300 localities for more than 1 million users. Currently, Internet coverage has stabilized on 90% of pre-war coverage. As a result, EBITDA margin’2022 amounted to 22,5%. Before joining Ukrtelecom, Yuriy held the leadership positions at Astelit (life:), further - lifecell) and Ukrainian Radio Systems (Wellcom).

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