FTTH Awards 2024

Three FTTH Awards will be presented at the next FTTH Conference on March 20, 2024: the Individual Award, the Operator Award, and the Champion of Diversity Award.

Plus, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its formation, the FTTH Council Europe is launching a brand-new set of awards dedicated to the exhibiting sponsors of the FTTH Conference 2024, the "FTTH Innovation Awards".

Special and

The FTTH Awards recognise the outstanding support of companies and individuals that have actively contributed to the acceleration of FTTH in Europe in the last 12 months:

  • The Champion of Diversity Award, introduced for the first time last year, recognises the unrelent efforts made by a company to address the diversity issue within the fibre industry

  • The Individual Award honours a single person for their unique efforts to make FTTH happen in Europe

  • The Operator Award acknowledges an operator company that has significantly contributed to the development and roll-out of FTTH in Europe


Winners will be announced on 20th March 2024, during the dedicated FTTH Awards ceremony at the FTTH Conference 2024.

Wishing to meet the FTTH Awards winners? Join us in Berlin!
Meet last year's FTTH Awards winners!

Meet last year's FTTH Awards winners!

  • Fiberhost won the newly introduced Champion of Diversity Award 
  • Openreach has been awarded the FTTH Operator Award 
  • Mrs. Gerda Meppelink, Senior Expert Politics and Administration at Deutsche Glasfaser, was nominated winner of the FTTH Individual Award 
  • Heinz Pabisch, Director Section Group Gigabit Fiber Access at CMG-AE, won the Charles Kao Award (now discontinued)
Official FTTH Awards ceremony

Official FTTH Awards ceremony

Your company or your colleagues have the chance of being awarded one of the prestigious FTTH Awards in front of the over 1.000 delegates taking part in the FTTH Awards Ceremony, during the plenary session at the next FTTH Conference in Berlin. Join us for a memorable FTTH Awards Ceremony!

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Benefits for the winners

Benefits for the winners

Winners also benefit from great visibility in major industry media, as the FTTH Awards are perceived as outstanding recognitions of the great achievements obtained by individuals and companies in the past 12 months and of their impact on the fibre industry.



FTTH Innovation

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its formation, the FTTH Council Europe is launching a brand-new set of awards dedicated to the exhibiting sponsors of the FTTH Conference 2024. The FTTH ‘Innovation’ Awards will complement our existing FTTH Awards and recognise the most significant and innovative FTTH products and solutions that are shaping Europe’s digital future. Click here for more information.


What are the product and service solution categories? 

There will be five categories: 

  • Passive Infrastructure 
  • Active infrastructure - Central network 
  • Active infrastructure - Home network e.g. customer premise equipment and wi-fi 
  • Planning, workflow, mapping/GIS, AI software 
  • Installation Equipment, Tools, Test & Measurement Instruments 

The categories represent the broad range of vendor products and services, presenting the wide variety of solutions available in the FTTH ecosystem


Judging panels and selection process:

The judging panel will be made up of experts from the world of FTTH, including:

  • FTTH Council Europe Board Members
  • Committee Chairs
  • Conference and Workshop speakers for the FTTH Conference 2024


Who can nominate?

The awards are free to enter and limited to FTTH Conference 2024 Exhibitors. 


When are the winners going to be presented?

The shortlisted candidates will be identified by mean of a sticker applied to the company's products on their exhibition stands, while final the winners will be presented on stage in the main conference room after lunch on Thursday 21st March 2024.

Are you an exhibitor or would like to know more about the new FTTH Innovation Awards?

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