FTTH Innovation Awards

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its formation, the FTTH Council Europe is launching a brand-new set of awards dedicated to the exhibiting sponsors of the FTTH Conference 2024.

A new promotional opportunity for companies exhibiting at the FTTH Conference 2024

A new promotional opportunity for companies exhibiting at the FTTH Conference 2024

Only dedicated to the exhibitors of the FTTH Conference 2024, the FTTH Innovation Awards will complement our existing FTTH Awards and recognise the most significant and innovative FTTH products and solutions that are shaping Europe’s digital future. There will be five categories, specifically reviewed to ensure they reflect the broad range of FTTH connectivity products and service solutions: 

  1. Passive Infrastructure 
  2. Active infrastructure - Central network 
  3. Active infrastructure - Home network e.g. customer premise equipment and wi-fi 
  4. Planning, workflow, mapping/GIS, AI software 
  5. Installation Equipment, Tools, Test & Measurement Instruments 
How does the selection process work?

How does the selection process work?

The judging panel will be made up of experts from the world of FTTH, including FTTH Council Europe Board Members, Committee Chairs, and Conference and Workshop speakers for the FTTH Conference 2024. 

There will be two rounds of voting: 

  1. By 20 November 2023, FTTH Council Europe Board Members and Committee Chairs will shortlist the final three products/services in each category

  2. By 26 February 2024, the Conference and Workshop speakers will then be invited to vote for the winner of each category (3 weeks before the FTTH Conference 2024, to allow any senior representatives time to book travel to enable them to collect their award at the conference). 

More to know

The awards are free to enter and limited to FTTH Conference 2024 Exhibitors


The FTTH categories represent the broad range of vendor products and services, presenting the wide variety of solutions available in the FTTH ecosystem. We are therefore seeking ‘innovative’ FTTH products and services which are aligned with the Council’s objectives: 

  • FTTH related product 
  • Product must have been launched/taken to market recently and must be commercially available in 2024 
  • Save cost and/or time in deployment 
  • Support more efficient FTTH roll-out 
  • Provide enhanced user experience 
  • Provide originality 
  • Save cost of maintenance 
  • Improve FTTH performance 
  • Offer sustainable solutions 

Before submitting your nomination, please consider that:

  • You can enter more than one category but no more than one product per category 
  • Please ensure that your entry is properly tailored to the category of entry
  • The judges' decision is final and if there is no worthy or appropriate winner of a category, they reserve the right to not name a winner
  • Entries must be submitted in English
Don't miss this opportunity to bring your company under the spotlight!

Why taking part in the nomination process?

Additional benefits for the final shortlisted companies

Additional benefits for the final shortlisted companies

Shortlisted companies will receive exposure through press releases and other promotional materials, and may also feature special flag banners in front of their exhibition stand to advertise themselves as shortlisted for one of the five FTTH Innovation Awards. FTTH Council Europe will also produce "Shortlisted for FTTH Innovation Awards" stickers to be applied to products on exhibition stands.



  • Generate prestige, media coverage and recognition of your products or service solutions from the industry
  • Create additional promotion for your exhibition booth
  • Generate marketing content



and judging

Thursday 21st September 2023 



Friday 17th November 2023 



Monday 20th November 2023

1st Round of judging: Board Members and Committee Chairs of the FTTH Council Europe shortlist down to final three in each category


Monday 27th November 2023 

Shortlisted Products listed on FTTH Conference 2024 website


Monday 26th February 2024

2nd and final round of judging by Conference and Workshop Speakers


Tuesday 27th February 2024

Confidential confirmation to category winners 


Thursday 21st March 2024 

Results of awards announced

Marcus Benson
Conference & Membership Director



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