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ETC Group

Management | Planning | Project Management | Supply chain optimisation

Founded in 1993, ETC Group is a leader in Telecom Materials Distribution and Supply Chain Optimization Solutions for Operators and Contractors throughout Europe and North America.

One of the key markets where ETC Group has unparalleled expertise is in the “Superfast Broadband” fibre networks: end-to-end FttH (fibre to the home) and HFC (hybrid fibre-coaxial), the latter of which includes FttB (fibre to the building plus coaxial cable for the last small section to the home). The Group offers a disruptive proposition with real value-add adapted to specificities and of each of its Telecom Operator partners: It co-develops and determines with the operator the specified equipment and materials requested for its network It provides value for money “own label” equipment, small tooling and accessories to its direct clients, the contractors and sub- contractors who install and maintain networks It has developed and maintains more than 10,000 references in constant evolution stored in 750,000 sqm for super-fast delivery

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