John Keaney

Chief Executive Officer | SIRO |

John Keaney was appointed CEO of SIRO in November 2018, having served as Finance Director with the company since it’s establishment by ESB (Ireland's electricity supply provider) and Vodafone Ireland in 2014. Before that John worked with Vodafone Ireland for ten years where he held several senior positions. SIRO is building a 100% Fibre-to-the-Premises network in Ireland, currently offering speeds of up to 2 Gigabits for residential and up to 10 Gigabits for commercial premises. To date, SIRO network’s reaches over 550,000 premises across 135 Irish cities and towns across Ireland.

SIRO’s full fibre network is built using the existing electricity network, promoting greater sustainability and the circular economy. As CEO, John leads SIRO to set the standard in the provision of the highest quality, most resilient and future-proofed broadband connectivity available on the Irish market. John is also committed to ensuring that SIRO’s culture is one of innovation, environmental and social responsibility, and promotion of diversity and inclusion. John won the Male Champion of Change Award at the 2023 Women in STEM Awards (Ireland) in recognition of his and his team’s dedication to promoting equality in the workplace.
John is originally from London, but now lives in Wicklow with his family. He is passionate about fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, believing it creates better functioning teams and organisations. This approach is reflected in both SIRO’s Board, a third of which are female, and SIRO’s senior leadership team where women are strongly represented.  

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