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The FTTH Conference organised by the FTTH Council Europe is the largest fibre event in the world and is recognised as the principle networking occasion for anyone in the business of fibre enabled technologies and services. Since 2004, the FTTH Council team has run this event to provide all types of operators, policy makers, investors, vendors and with the opportunity to network, source information and do business.

Marcus Benson

Conference and Membership Director | FTTH Council Europe Team | United Kingdom

Marcus has held senior management and operational Director roles at two leading European telecoms associations and a variety of corporate entities.

In particular, for more than 10 years, he has had responsibility for the events portfolio of the FTTH Council Europe and prior to that with ECTA (the European Competitive Telecomunications Association)

For the FTTH Council Europe, he has oversees management of both the annual FTTH Conference (which has run since 2004) and the Membership of the FTTH Council Europe.

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