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The FTTH Conference organised by the FTTH Council Europe is the largest fibre event in the world and is recognised as the principle networking occasion for anyone in the business of fibre enabled technologies and services. Since 2004, the FTTH Council team has run this event to provide all types of operators, policy makers, investors, vendors and with the opportunity to network, source information and do business.

Tom Bambury

Head Optical Network Solutions at Fujikura | D&O Committee Chair, FTTH Council Europe | Ireland

Chair: Tom Bambury was elected as Chair of the Deployment and Operations Committee in May 2019

Tom is head of the Optical Network Solutions team at Fujikura Europe. Prior to this he has held a number of business development and operations roles at AFL – a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujikura. He has over 20 years experience in the optical communications industry and previously worked at ESB Telecoms in Ireland, as well as Corning and Nortel Networks in the USA. He has been heavily involved in a number of FTTH projects at AFL and Fujikura in recent years. Committee: This committee discusses all technical aspects of fibre networks. This includes the passive and active part of the network as well as the deployment methods, network architectures and new fibre technologies. The Deployment & Operations Committee has created white papers in the last year on new based technologies and innovations and innovative FTTH deployment technologies. The Committee is also responsible for producing and revising the FTTH Handbook, which was created a few years ago to help network operators understand the options available for fibre access network infrastructure.

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