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GDi is the digital technology and software company. GDi designs, builds, and operates the enterprise Operations Support Systems (OSS) software and solutions for the Communication Service Providers (CSPs). GDi pursues to create the World’s best OSS digital software platform and solutions.

GDi Ensemble OSS is a digital software orchestration platform proven by the Communication, Media and Technology (CMT) industry. It is used worldwide by CSPs to plan, build, and operate efficient resources and effective networks. GDi Ensemble OSS digital software platform supports configurable and flexible implementations of complete business processes solutions in the service, resource and enterprise domains including service catalog, inventory and order management, resource inventory, order, asset and location management as well as Open API supported BSS and OSS integration management.

The GDi Ensemble is used by the CSPs to accomplish the digital transformation of operations and readiness including strategy management, network roll-out and lifecycle management, operations and readiness and fulfilment with adjacent assurance and revenue management integration.