Kontron, d. o. o.

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Slovenia's Kontron, d. o. o. is the leading European provider of customised and sustainable fibre-access solutions. Known as Iskratel until 2023, the member of Kontron Group develops and manufactures high-quality OLTs and CPE in its own innovation and production centres, including at the headquarters in Slovenia, and supports customers in more than fifty countries worldwide.

Dedicated to driving sustainable progress in society and improving the quality of people's lives, Kontron delivers solutions that continuously reduce operators' environmental impact and energy consumption.

At the central office, Iskratel Lumia optical line terminals equip operators with industry-leading density and deployment versatility. Prolonged lifecycle and optimised TCO secure operators' long-term business success, while their applicability even in harsh environments fits urban and rural setups. The record-low power consumption of Iskratel Lumia OLTs helps operators implement their sustainability strategy.

The Iskratel Innbox customer-premises equipment delivers multi-gigabit connectivity and supreme user experience with unbeatable wireless coverage and value-added home-networking apps. In single or multi-operator environments, Iskratel Innbox CPE lowers deployment and operating costs.