FTTH Council Europe

Who we are

The FTTH Council Europe is an industry organisation with a mission is to accelerate ubiquitous fibre-based connectivity empowering a leading Digital Society throughout Europe.

Created in 2004 by five founding members: Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Corning, Emtelle and OFS, the FTTH Council Europe now has more than 160 members and a contracted team working to promote the benefits of fibre access across the continent.

Our members are mostly organisations deploying FTTH, and manufacturers of FTTH solutions. In addition we have some academic institutions on board, and we also welcome members from sectors such as media and eHealth.

The members of the FTTH Council Europe are at the core of all activities.

Why we promote Fibre to the Home

We have a vision: a sustainable future enabled by Fibre to the Home
Creating a sustainable future is not just about protecting the environment, but it is also about wider benefits to society and its citizens, and the economic health of communities and nations. Fibre to the Home has a positive impact on all three of these areas.

The Council promotes this technology because we believe it will deliver a flow of new services to enhance the quality of life, contribute to a better environment and increase economic competitiveness.