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Over 100 sponsors and partners showcase FTTH product and service solutions at the FTTH Conference 2022

atene KOM GmbH

atene KOM GmbH from Berlin accompanies the public sector in project development in the areas of digitalisation, energy, mobility, health and education. We bring municipalities, counties and companies together and jointly develop the infrastructure for the future.

Further information regarding our fields of activity can be obtained from our profile.

Our interdisciplinary, issue-related and result-oriented approach to projects is presented in our philosophy.

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ateneKOM Government Day Workshop - 09.30-11.00 CET, Wednesday 2nd December

Organised by atene KOM, European Commission – DG Connect & FTTH Council Europe Policy and Regulatory Committee

The “Governmental Day” Workshop is an interactive platform for broadband stakeholders in the EU with a strong focus on challenges of the rural digital divide faced by local, regional and national authorities. At the workshop, we a) inform about the EU and Member States broadband and digitisation policies, b) exchange on strategies, approaches and solutions that support digitisation process, as well as c) consolidate a robust broadband stakeholder community.

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Germany goes Gigabit: financing the broadband infrastructure - 16.45-17.30, Thursday 3rd December

While economically a front runner, Germany needs and undertakes further accelerating towards its gigabit future.

Vast telco marketplace at the heart of Europe, high-tech competition ground, three tiers ad-ministration and funding in place - numerous aspects for discussion. Central issues: practical experiences, networks expansion economy and further roll-out to ever harder to reach high coverage and density, but also protagonists and their motivations.

Four high-level, knowledgeable experts will share their views and forecasts on how broadband financing will (have to) develop in the near future. Excited? Find out more and tune in on atene KOM’s expert panel!

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