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AVM offers versatile products for fast broadband connections and intelligent home networking. With its FRITZ! product line, AVM is a leading manufacturer of broadband devices for DSL, cable, LTE (4G) and fiber optics in Germany and Europe. Smart Home products based on wireless LAN, DECT and powerline standards provide for an intelligent as well as convenient home. The operating system FRITZ!OS makes handling all FRITZ! products easy. Free updates offer new functions and increase security.

Founded in Berlin in 1986, from the very outset the company has focused on developing its own secure, innovative products for broadband connections. In 2019 the communications specialist had 810 employees and generated a turnover of 530 million euros.

FRITZ! is the leading brand for home networking in Germany. Millions of satisfied customers and hundreds of award-winning products confirm AVM’s commitment to high-quality FRITZ! products and first-class customer service.

The Berlin communications specialist distributes its products in over 40 countries. Our products are sold through national and international distributors, retailers, and registered specialized dealers. A variety of partnerships have been joined with major European network operators and Internet providers.

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