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INNO Instrument Europe GmbH

Full Fibre Networks

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INNO INSTRUMENT is one of the best key market participants in the global telecommunications industry. And we annually have participated in FTTH conference as Gold membership enhancing our influence and market share in Europe.

We offer value-added solutions in the fibre-optic communications industry and high-precision assembly sectors for telecom operators, installers, subcontractors, universities, armies, and component manufacturers. INNO products have been developed based on figuring out the needs and wants of its customers as installers and operators of fibre-optic networks. INNO products; VIEW series of splicer and OTDRs, are used in the telecommunication industry for the installation, maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting of optical networks. We have evolved as an accumulation of our experience and innovation on core technologies of optical network devices. It provides better solutions to the highly-specialised field of telecommunications such as FTTx. We aim to become the bridge connecting people with telecommunication environment all around the world.

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