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Genexis is a leading European product and technology supplier that enables and improves the delivery of fiber-speed broadband connectivity for communication operators and service providers.

We develop and supply a wide range of innovative products and solutions such as high-speed residential gateways, managed network terminators, smart fiber-termination, and cloud-based network management. Our goal is the “Always Connected” home, making it easy for everyone to connect to next-generation services such as IoT, smart home, and e-everything. Genexis offers patented Layer-2 network termination products, Layer-3 Residential Gateways and In-Home devices for network operators, service providers and system integrators. The WiFi Life concept, involving ease of installation and high speed WiFi solutions will be demonstrated to visitors at the booth. Genexis WiFi Life offers several advanced features from cloud-based device management through analytical functions to enable seamless WiFi connectivity. Easy connecting and monitoring of multiple devices offer high-performance and user-friendly solutions for in-home networks. For the operators Genexis WiFi Life enhances the remote management of these networks, resulting in lower costs and happy customers. Genexis is the part of Inteno Group AB, and has subsidiaries and offices in Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Finland, Denmark, and Belgium.

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