Philippe Le Grand

Chairman | InfraNum |

At 50 (born in 1972), Philippe Le Grand is Chairman of the InfraNum federation and Vice-Chairman of the Nomotech Group. After 7 years devoted to digital development in the Manche departmental council, Philippe Le Grand created and directed Manche Numérique, the first departmental mixed syndicate for digital development, for 5 years. He was heavily involved in the emergence of article L1425-1, which enabled public intervention in electronic communications networks, and launched one of the first 1G RIPs, followed by a 2G RIP with the contracting of FTTH deployment in Saint-Lô and Cherbourg in 2007. In 2009, Philippe Le Grand joined the Nomotech Group, which he owns alongside three other partners. He has contributed to the diversification of the group's activities, an 8-fold increase in sales in 12 years, and the conclusion of a dozen external growth deals. Philippe Le Grand was one of the 6 founders of InfraNum in 2012. He was elected Chairman in December 2021.

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