Christopher Mulley

Principal Architect - CTO Group | ZTE Corporation |

Chris Mulley is a Principal Architect in the CTO Group of ZTE Corporation’s Integrated Solutions department. Chris is responsible for the development of next generation access architectures that feed into end-to-end solutions targeted at major global telecom operators. A key part of this role involves informing a corporate strategic approach to the development of technology that meet network operator’s requirements for cost efficiency and new revenue generation. This includes network transformation from traditional appliance based equipment architectures to more flexible deployments based on virtualized network equipment and evolving SDN architectures. This strategy is aimed at enabling network operators and service providers to leverage these technology in order to develop new business models and revenue streams, and cost reductions through improved operational efficiency. Chris has worked closely with a number of major International network operators to discuss and explore the requirements for new approaches to next generation access network deployment and network transformation. Prior to working for ZTE Corporation, Chris has worked for a number telecom equipment vendors in product development and management roles. In addition, Chris spent 3 years with the UK telecom regulatory authority, Ofcom, where he gained experience in the development of economic regulation and government policy and played a major role in the development of regulation relating to Next Generation Access networks in the UK. Chris holds a BEng (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the Polytechnic of Central London. He is a Member of IET.

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