Giedrius Pūras

Member of CRA Council | Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania |

Giedrius Pūras is a Member of Council at CRA (Communications Regulatory Authority of Lithuania) since 2022. He has served at different positions at RRT since 2003, thus has got wide knowledge of electronic communications regulatory affairs. Lithuania was one of first EU Member States to introduce symmetrical infrastructure sharing (since 1998) and it has always been on top of CRA regulatory agenda. Thus, during his professional career within CRA Giedrius Pūras has promoted the benefits of infrastructure sharing, including at his role in RRT Dispute Resolution Board.

Giedrius Pūras has an economic background, which he used in the field of price regulation, defining, and implementing different regulatory costing methodologies (such as LRIC in fixed and mobile termination markets, FDC and Accounting separation for access to passive infrastructure). He has extensive experience of work in multinational environment, which was gained through over 10 years of active participation in the work of IRG/ERG/BEREC at various levels and as Resident Twinning Advisor for EU Twinning projects in Georgia and Ukraine.

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