Marseille, Chanot

Rond Point du Prado, 13008 Marseille

Tel +334 91 76 90 60

Marseille Chanot is located just 30 mn from the airport. 





From Marseille Provence airport

Taxi: 60€ to 100€ (it is an average price but could be more depending on the traffic, time of the day and bank holidays)
Shuttle – runs every 15mn from the airport to the train station “Gare Saint Charles” from 4.50am till 0.10am

Walk up to the front of hall 3-4,

Buy a ticket at the ticket desk (8,30€ single way or 13,40€ roundtrip)

Hop on the shuttle. It takes around 25mn to go from the airport to the train station)

For more details on the shuttle:


From Marseille St-Charles Station

Public transportation:
Métro line 2 (red), direction “Sainte Marguerite Dromel”

Exit at the 4th stop: “Rond point du Prado” 

Once at the metro station, follow the sign “Rond Point du Prado”,

Go up the escalator and the Chanot Convention Center is on the right side.


About metros:
Buy either a single ticket at the vending machine (on the left side at the bottom of the 2nd escalator): 1,60€/ ticket or a pass 24H/72H: 5,20€/10,80€The metro runs from 5am till 0:30am

To find your route:


About taxis:

+ 33 (0)4 91 02 20 20

+33 (0)4 91 92 92 92

Taxi rank right in front of Marseille Chanot Convention Center

In case emergency:

European emergency number : 112


About parking:

Parking for visitors is also possible. Carparking will cost 3€ per day. PKW should drive thru via PORTE A+B


Where to eat, go out, shop….:

Download the free application « Nous sommes Marseille » on your smart phone


Safety: a priority for the Mayor of Marseille. The City has been equipped with an efficient video surveillance system that has considerably improved the safety in the past 2 years.



Warning, any hotel will contact potential delegates to propose special rates, unless you request them to. If you receive such a call or email, we advise you to ignore it.

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