Our speakers

Branimir Marič

Chief Technology and Information Officer | Slovak Telekom & T-Mobile CZ |

Senior technology executive with more than 20 years of Telco experience and 15 years in management roles in the Telco industry working in areas of NT&IT Development and Operations in central and eastern EU. Previous experiences include working for an ISP, being an IP/MPLS & IPTV operations and design expert, running Technology strategy and product development areas, running NT & IT operations including technical customer care service, running BSS transformation, responsibility for FTTC/FTTH and 4G rollouts, IT and NT transformation programs (PSTN & SDH decommissioning, DC consolidations, etc). In his current role is responsible for cross border operational Technology setup, execution of cross border technology consolidation & NT/IT transformation synergies, NG access network rollouts, digitization and cloudification of key infrastructure and application resources of the joint CZ and SK company. 

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