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Michał Bartkowiak


Michał Bartkowiak is the CEO at INEA, one of the leaders of open access networks in Poland. INEA as an infrastructure operator focuses on enabling access for service providers to the open access Fiber-To-The-Home network at the bit stream access level. In addition, it provides field and technical services for business partners. As a service provider, the Company is present in the segment of individual customers, services for companies, local government units and schools. Thanks to the excellent quality of the network, INEA provides the fastest fixed-line Internet in Poland, according to the independent speedtest.pl ranking. Since 2018 INEA offers the fastest Internet in the European Union, symmetrical FTTH 10 Gbps connection for individual clients.

Michał Bartkowiak has been working at INEA since 2015. From 2017, he held the positions of Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of the Management Board, responsible for a number of areas of the company's operations, including the commercial area. Bartkowiak has over 20 years of experience in managing companies of all sizes. He also had the opportunity to gather professional experience in industries such as: FMCG wholesale and retail, pharmaceutical industry, paper industry, automotive and rail industry and ICT.

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