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Workshop 4c
Digitalization of the fibre journey

Co-organised by Keypro, Setics & Plumettaz with contributions from Elkom GmbH and DigPro with Eltel Networks & Netadmin Systems with contributions from INCA UK

Building a fibre network and business is a major undertaking. It requires large capital investment and coordination of complex projects. On the journey from securing investment, planning, building, operating to generating revenue there are several challenges operators face.

With limited available skilled resources and a disorganized way of working, it’s hard to maintain the high rollout pace necessary to meet business case targets. Operational inefficiency and bad data quality make many operators struggle.
This workshop will show how digitalizing the fibre journey in each step helps operators to work more efficiently, enable growth, and create a sustainable fibre business. 

  • 14:00-14:45
    Part 1: Digitalization of the fibre journey from different perspectives
    Part 1: Digitalization of the fibre journey from different perspectives

    2 December 2020 14:00-14:45 Session

    Rob Leenderts, Chairman, INCA UK

    Joel Pirard, Sales Manager, Digpro
    Henrik Thurén, Product Evangelist, Netadmin Systems
    Erno Lehto, Head of Digital Transformation, Eltel Finland

    The Network Journey: How a digital network model helps to control a network throughout its lifecycle, from planning to operations. 

    The Customer Journey: How you can grow a profitable fiber business with a smooth and digitalized customer journey.

    The Project Journey: How Eltel has utilized advanced field applications in projects and the gains it has resulted in.

  • 14:45-15:30
    Part 2: Digitalization of fibre deployment from planning to quality assurance 
    Part 2: Digitalization of fibre deployment from planning to quality assurance 

    2 December 2020 14:45-15:30 Session

    Kirmo Uusitalo, Vice President, Keypro 

    Daniel Urbina Méndez, Consulting Engineer, Setics 
    Valéry Naula, Digital Business Manager, Plumettaz S.A. 
    Mika Vättö, Sales manager, Keypro Oy 
    Axel Dehne, Managing director, Elkom Ingenieurbüro GmbH 

    Discussing the benefits of digitalization in the FTTH network from planning to network management. We will go through step by step the different phases and will show how each of these will benefit from digitalization and why it is so important. 

    Automatic planning can help in FTTH to build future proof networks and to simulate different scenarios, which result in fewer modifications in the civil work phase. In addition, civil works become more accurate when there is more information in use through digitalization and highly detailed documentation improves the value of the network.  Finally, a complete project which demonstrates how digitalization changed and enhanced the process will be presented. 


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